Probiotics Can Correct the Mistakes of Antibiotics

Doctors and their examinees know that antibiotics are important and very often without them we literally cannot survive. But antibiotics have very harmful impact upon our organism.

When fall ill with dangerous inflammatory sickness, we are forced to drink antibiotics. Even those who prefer folk remedies only, when faced with pneumonia (pneumonia) or pyelonephritis (kidney inflammation), do not argue with the doctors in such matters. They have a choice between antibiotics and undue risk to life.

Why are antibiotics so dangerous? Destroying bacteria, antibiotics can kill very beneficial micro-organisms, which not only help the digestive system to work effectually, but also are part of the immunity, sucking and synthesizing vitamins.

How to Stop It?

Probiotic FoodHow can probiotics stop "useful" effect of antibiotics? These two drugs are not fighting each other, but mutually beneficial cooperate.

Probiotic is a preparation, which is composed of living dried bacteria necessary for our intestines. Accordingly, antibiotics (especially of broad-spectrum) partly destroys our microflora. Nature abhors a vacuum, so it is constantly seeking to replace the empty space by the surviving bacteria that, perhaps, can cause a disease.

Probiotic outruns the growth of destructive micro-organisms that populate the "desert areas" and inhabits them with beneficial bacteria. With this purpose were created probiotics. Here speed matters a lot: physicians appoint probiotics together with antibiotics not to let the spreading of pathogens.

Don’t Muddle the Terms!

In pharmacies, there are several types of drugs that help the intestines to feel your best. But here's the problem: all these drugs are called almost the same, but they are somewhat different.

Probiotics are preparations, which contain live bacteria that can inhabit the gut and renew its functions.

Prebiotics are drugs, which are composed of substances that are not digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract. They stimulate the recovery of micro-organisms that are living there already. If the microflora of intestines is fully destroyed (e.g., the postoperative period), then prebiotics do not help.

Symbiotic are preparations in which probiotics and prebiotics are harmoniously united: they inhabit the intestines and help beneficial bacteria to breed.