Levaquin is a medicine that acts similarly as penicillin antibiotic and that is why it is considered as an antibiotic. For the main effect of the drug, the active ingredient contained in the pill is Levofloxacin that unfolds the actual antibiotic effect. This ingredient finds its application where conventional antibiotics fail and the patient has no other option but to proceed against certain diseases.


Levaquin 500 mg TabletsThe operation of Levaquin is that the bacteria in a specific enzyme is inhibited, with the result that the propagation of the excitation cycle is inhibited. By this action system simplifies the body to fight back against the disease Precipitating bacteria. Levaquin is a medicament that actively combat the bacteria with the aid of the active ingredient levofloxacin and prevents their further propagation in the organism. This active mode of operation is agile repaid a large number of different pathogens.

The list of Levaquin indications includes:

  • Treatment of pneumococcal disorder;
  • Chlamydia;
  • Influenza disease;
  • Infectious corneal and conjunctiva inflammation;
  • Infections of the urinary tract.

The effect of Levofloxacin is improved if the patient regularly throughout the day and drink plenty of water and therefore keeps his body well hydrated.


Dosage and duration of treatment with Levaquin differs depending on the type of infection and the age of a treated patient. Usually the daily dosage for adults with normal kidney/liver options should not be over 500mg per day. Children must use dosage according to their age and weight after visiting a healthcare specialist.


Levaquin can’t be used by pregnant or lactation women, by underage patients and people who have a hypersensitivity to any contents of this pill. Also do not use this pill if you have or had recently any of these conditions: skin disorders (especially Stevens-Johnson Syndrome), inflammations, joint/muscle pain, allergic pneumonitis, any kidney disorder; hepatitis or jaundice.

Side effects:

  • Stomach – abdominal pain, nausea, constipation or diarrhea;
  • CNS – migraines, insomnia, dizziness;
  • Genitalia - yeast infections, vaginitis, severe itching;
  • Chest - acute pain and irregular heartbeat;
  • Swelling from water (edema);
  • Rare - heart rhythm changes, joint pain; blood sugar changes; sunlight sensitivity.

Children who use Levaquin may get eventually musculoskeletal disorders, like arthritis and gait abnormality.