Over the counter antibiotics

BactrimGetting antibiotics over the counter, including medication like Zithromax, Amoxil, Cipro or Flagyl, used to be fairly challenging in the old days. But with the advent of technology, and the development of safe online procurement systems, you can now easily buy antibiotics over the counter discretely and quickly. Whether it is Bactrim for the treatment of respiratory diseases and infections of the gastrointestinal system, or cephalosporin antibiotics like Kelflex, or even over the counter antibiotic eye drops, nothing prevents patients seeking safe and cost effective drugs to order them from online OTC pharmacies.

The challenges of sourcing OTC antibiotics

Physicians prescribe antibiotics to their patients, including drugs like Levaquin, Vibramycin, Augmentin and Ciloxan, so that they may receive quick and effective relief from their symptoms. Unfortunately, those objectives are quiet often never realized, largely because desperate patients depend on traditional (brick and mortar) prescription-based pharmacies to source their drugs. And that's where the problem often lies:

  • Traditional pharmacies usually charge a lot more for the drugs they provide. That's because they have loads of overheads to cover, and the only way to earn their margins is by increasing the cost of drugs like Furadantin, Sumycin and Ocuflox for their patients. So when patients find out how expensive the drugs are, they may often hesitate to buy them, or may seek alternate (cheaper or less effective) drugs which might even not work for them! 
  • The other problem with many pharmacies is that accessing drugs for even relatively minor - but painful ailments, like buying over the counter antibiotics for tooth infection, might mean that patients have to spend hours waiting in long lines. They suffer in silence each time they have to resupply their stock, and that depresses many patients from using the antibiotics recommended by their physicians.
  • Then, there is the problem of access to drugs like Zithromax, Amoxil, Cipro or Flagyl. Not all traditional pharmacies offer 24x7 access to antibiotics over the counter. Patients desperately looking for their antibiotics, whether it be over the counter antibiotic eye drops, or drugs like Ciloxan, Levaquin or Keflex for more complex conditions, have to wait until "business hours" to get the relief they are desperately seeking!
  • But most of all, patients sourcing their antibiotics, like Bactrim or over the counter antibiotics for UTI, from their local pharmacies experience some degree of personal embarrassment when filling their prescriptions. For one, most pharmacies aren't very private enough, and any conversations between the patient and pharmacist can be heard by people lined up behind.

And then, each time a patient fills their prescription, they need to reveal details of their particular situation (for instance: a vaginal or penile infection etc.). That really scares people from visiting their pharmacies to receive the drugs to treat their symptoms!


Given all these challenges in accessing the antibiotic treatments, like Vibramycin, Furadantin or Sumycin, which so many patients urgently need, the question on everyone's mind is: can you buy antibiotics over the counter without going through so many hassles and challenges? And the answer is a resounding YES YOU CAN!

OTC online - an alternate solution!

For patients that are now desperate to get their antibiotics over the counter, but don't really want to suffer through the challenges of the traditional routes, online OTC medication is fast becoming the source of choice for all their medication. From antiprotozoal and antibacterial antibiotics like Flagyl, to cephalosporin antibiotics like Keflex, and even over the counter antibiotics for UTI and other gastrointestinal disorders like Bactrim, sourcing OTC antibiotics today has never been easier!

flagylUnlike a decade or so ago, when buying medication online used to be fraught with peril, today's online pharmacies are much more professionally managed and far better self regulated than one can imagine. Best of all, whether you order over the counter antibiotics for tooth infection through your online pharmacy, or you buy other popular antibiotics like Ocuflox or Ciloxan, they are all sourced from the suppliers that supply drugs to the traditional pharmacies.

So what does this mean when patients buy online antibiotics over the counter?

  • it means that the drugs, from over the counter antibiotic eye drops to antibiotics like Vibramycin, Furadantin, Sumycin and Augmentin, are all regulator approved since they are manufactured at the same facilities where other pharmacies get their drugs from!
  • since online pharmacies don't need to earn high margins on their drugs, including popular antibiotics like Zithromax, Amoxil or Cipro, it means that the OTC antibiotics they provide are much cheaper than one can buy at a brand name pharmacy!
  • and since these pharmacies operate 24x7, even through holidays and other statutory off days, one can get any medication, including over the counter antibiotics for tooth infection, or medication for other complex conditions, anytime - night or day!

Ordering antibiotics over the counter today is not only more cost effective, but it is also safe. That's why more and more patients are turning to them as their primary source for drug purchases. That's because these pharmacies invest a lot in anti fraud technologies for their online sales systems, making shopping online safer in many instances than handing credit cards to check out clerks!

And for those patients asking: Can you buy antibiotics over the counter online without compromising your personal information?, the answer is YES. That's because online pharmacies have non-disclosure pledges, which are prominently displayed on their websites, that guarantee that patient information will never be sold or disclosed to third parties.

A more discrete treatment choice

So whether you need over the counter antibiotics for UTI, or need to buy over the counter antibiotic eye drops, or whether you are looking for antibiotics like Ciloxan, Ocuflox, Keflex, Cipro, Amoxil or Zithromax, ordering them online makes complete sense. That's because the rapid order fulfillment process ensures you receive your delivery quickly and efficiently. You order from the comfort of your home - without having to queue up in a line, and no one needs to hear what your aliment is.

And when you receive your order, it will come packed in discrete packaging, so no one knows what its contents are!